The strength of our business is built on the quality of our people. Our senior management team comprises individuals who are experts in their field of work. We harvest the diversity of their backgrounds, experiences and values to build a unique business. We blend youthful challenge and experienced wisdom to create something different.

Extraordinary customer service is our heritage. It was part of our mission the day we were founded and continues to be central in all we do for you. Your business cannot be placed on hold when there is a demand. Peeka Finance Limited is there for you, providing the responsive and knowledgeable support necessary to solve your problems.

Customer service is more than just fixing problems or meeting demands. It means understanding your needs, getting the right information upfront and anticipating how your business needs may grow or change. And it means staying in touch with you on a regular basis, to hear what is important to you. By focusing our efforts on understanding and responding to your individual service needs, we can be flexible enough to deliver support that is uniquely yours.

The new levels of personal services provided by Peeka Finance Limited are tailored to your current needs and flexible enough to cope with business changes. We will deliver enhanced performance in terms of personal contact and speed of action. We know that to keep you satisfied, we cannot settle for the status quo. We know we need to be continuously developing innovative ways to deliver better services to you. We work within your budgets and time frames

Management Team
Thomas J. R. Haworth

Managing Partner

Marge Aalican

Company Secretary/Legal Rep

Aalin Grianagh


Payl Mooar


Jiro Abe

Investment Consultant

Daniel Brewster

Investment Manager